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25 Free Best Offline Games For Android & iOS Can Play Without Internet Connection

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Is there no Wi-Fi? Not an issue. Here are the best offline games for Android & iOS can Play without an Internet connection to keep you entertained during your downtime! Gaming has been an activity that has solved the puzzles of loneliness from the beginning of time and has continued to serve as an opportunity for constructive interaction between two persons.

The popularity of mobile has resulted in a variety of games that can be played both offline and online. There are now a number of internet games made by various developers to suit the great majority of Android device users.

Most users appear to have difficulty establishing a stable internet connection while playing online games due to low network connectivity and being blocked by sponsored adverts. However, there are free offline games with outstanding visuals that might save the day in your spare time when you have limited data. Furthermore, when flying, you can still play the best games. Check out our comprehensive list of 25 top offline games for mobile devices that you can play without an active Internet connection.

25 Free Best Offline Games For Android & iOS 2022

1. Alto’s Odyssey

You receive everything you liked about Alto’s Adventure, plus a little more, in Alto’s Odyssey. This game feels more like an evolution than a sequel because it features new characters, locales, music, and gaming elements. Nonetheless, if you appreciate adventure films, you will enjoy Odyssey.



There’s only one thing you want to avoid: death. BADLAND is a puzzle offline game in which you control a character who must navigate a dangerous and trap-filled world. To keep your ball floating while avoiding spinning blades, pointed spikes, and other hazards that could shred it, you’ll need to use touch controls.

Several pickup trucks around the world can alter you, to make you bigger or smaller, to multiply you, and so on. This game will keep you connected for a long time. Your gaze will be pulled to the gloomy soundtrack and stunning imagery every time you play this game. Local multiplayer is accessible; however, the game can also be played alone.


3. Dream League Soccer

If you’re a football enthusiast, Dream League Soccer iOS Game should be on your list of the best free football games for iOS. You may get a fantastic gaming experience by playing this high-interactive game offline for free with realistic animated graphics.

FIFProTM licensed players are available to use in your fantasy soccer league team. The stadium will be created according to your specifications, and you will create your own team from the ground up. You can also utilize ReplayKitLive to share your favorite moments with others, save your progress in iCloud so you’re not limited to one device, and play online with other teams, but you’ll need a data plan to do so.


4. Civilization VI

Civilization VI has finally made its way to iOS in a world rich of intricate strategy games. In the latest version of the long-running franchise Civilization, you must dominate the planet throughout history as the leader of your people. Real-world leaders, places, and historical monuments are used in this turn-based game.

It’s easy to enjoy it in short spurts although it takes hours to complete. As a result, it’s ideal for iOS devices. Although both local and Internet multiplayer modes are available, the offline AI campaign delivers enough amusement for train or plane travel.

5. New York Times Crossword

Will Shortz, editor of the New York Times Crossword, sets a high standard for daily crossword puzzles. The New York Times Crossword app gives you access to the most recent crossword as well as the whole archive of previous ones. In addition to the puzzles, the app has a variety of other functions. You may track your streaks on the Stats page, and you can do puzzles offline games from the past or purchase special crossword packs in the Archive.

A Crossword subscription can be purchased alone or as part of a digital subscription to the New York Times. Because the Mini crossword isn’t nearly as entertaining as a full crossword, you’ll be unable to access it unless you subscribe. Even if you don’t have Internet connectivity, you can download an unlimited number of crosswords and play them later.


6. Ticket to Ride

You can now take the award-winning board game with you wherever you go. In Ticket to Ride, you and your pals become railroad barons, seeking to be the first to connect all of the country’s railroads. The graphics, even down to the virtual railroad cards you draw and hold, have a familiar feel to them.

The game’s Pass-and-Play mode involves taking turns and handing it to your buddies in front of you, but it also works well as a solo game. The activities are designed to keep you entertained for fifteen to twenty minutes on a real-life train journey.


7. Critical Operations

Critical Ops is one of the best offline action games available on the Google Play Store right now. The game is a fast-paced first-person shooter that tests your tactical skills.
There are two modes in Critical Ops. The Defuse Mode is one of them, while the Deathmatch mode is the other. Terrorists attempt to plant and explode a bomb in the Defuse mode, while in the Deathmatch mode, the player fights for the most kills in the shortest amount of time. Critical Ops is available for free on the Google Play Store.

8. Unkilled

The game Unkilled is a zombie shooter. Multiplayer, special operations, and an extra-long plot are all included. You must live in an apocalyptic world during this offline game’s most horrifying zombie outbreak. It is taking place in New York City. The story begins with one of five distinct protagonists who are elite members of the task force dispatched to clean up the streets of New York.

The Wolfpack is how they’re known. You’ll join a private military organization tasked with locating, tracking, and eliminating a threat. You’ll also have to delve further into New York’s streets, subways, sewers, and back alleyways. While doing so, you’ll come upon a plot that no one could have predicted.

9. Drop 7

An original puzzle game that combines Tetris and Sudoku. On the grid, there are seven balls, each of which is white and numbered one through seven. The rules are simple to follow. When the number of balls in a column or row equals the number of features, the ball will clear.

If you remove the white ball next to it, it fractures and breaks, revealing a numbered ball. The goal of Tetris is to maintain the balls on top of the screen while collecting points. Despite its simplicity, it is both tough and enjoyable. To enjoy everything offline, there is no need to download anything.


10. Geometry Wars 3

Geometry Wars is an action-adventure game. There are over 100 action-packed levels to choose from. Furthermore, you will be required to navigate around 3-dimensional maps in this game. There are also 15 3D grips and 12 fight modes to choose from. The profitable news is that Geometry Wars is compatible with both Android smartphones and tablets. It is not, however, without expense.

11. Xenowerk

Xenowerk is one of the top Android action offline games currently available on the Play Store. It’s essentially a shooter game that puts your combat abilities to the test in an underground science facility where a failed experiment took place. This game contains 70 different stages. All you have to do is fight and kill mutants while surviving in the face of overwhelming odds.

It appears to be an intriguing problem. Isn’t that so? Furthermore, the game has a large variety of weapons and gears and special gaming powers, upgraded weapons, and much more.

12. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Despite the fact that Asphalt: Legend does not support offline play, Asphalt 8: Airborne for iOS allows you to experience the thrill of offline vehicle racing. This game has a lot of features that will keep you entertained. You can unlock more than 40 tracks in the Archase mode, where you can race in more powerful automobiles and smash your way through them. There’s also a multiplayer mode that lets you play with more than ten people, which makes the game even more fun.


13. DawnBringer

Mourngard’s discarded things are pitiful in the game, and dwellings are on fire. Wounded and killed are strewn around, and the stench of blood and hardened steel pervades the air. Even the dead in the bloodbath are difficult to identify. The protagonist of the Android action game Dawnbringer must fight, first against the denizens of hell, and later against his own sibling, who is driving this army of darkness forward.

Dawnbringer is an intriguing action game with a serious plot and a fascinating system for dealing with character clashes. The player will have to fight in the “one on one” mode. The essential goal is to use the genetic abilities correctly.

14. Eternium

In the storyline of Eternium, there is a camp of roaming troops who are fully fatigued after a recent battle and are immersed in the darkness of the night. Some courageous warriors sacrificed their life for devoted partners. A piece of equipment has gone missing, there are significant supply issues, and if the travelers don’t start fighting right now, these seven days will most likely be the last in the history of a never-ending journey.

Eternium’s heroes, Mage, And Minions repack blades and swords, attaching life-giving potions in preparation for a dawn raid on the dungeon. Eternium’s basic concept is to make sorcery and witchcraft into a fun puzzle game in which each magic spell must be described on the screen. Players must also go through the many levels, collect stuff, and develop their talents by using points from multiple indicators. You must also keep in mind the employers and the upcoming trials.

15. The Crossy Road

In Crossy Road, your character (you) must hop through busy roadways without dying. This match is not as clear as it seems, as there are significant obstructions such as vehicles, trains, and rivers that can take your character’s life. You can play the game as 145 different characters, including a basic 8-bit chicken. It’s an addictive offline game that everyone, regardless of age, may play.


16. SoulCraft

People on Earth must reveal the secret of immortal life as soon as possible in the SoulCraft game. However, devils and angels decided to destroy the planet and made a covenant that would eventually lead to the apocalypse. You have the option of deciding which side you will fight for. You can become a supporter of demons, people, or angels, among other things. As a result, it will be up to you to lead your team to victory.

Aside from that, all armed actions will occur in genuine places like Rome, Cairo, and Hamburg. The game’s creators have stated that the number of places will be increased shortly. You can learn new talents, purchase ammunition, and equip yourself with varied armor in this game. The graphics are adequate and comparable to those found in console games.

17. Hungry Shark Evolution

You’ll appreciate eating sea bass and anglerfish, as well as barracudas and schools of tropical fish, whether you’re a vegetarian or a flesh-eater who doesn’t like seafood. You can eat anything you want. That’s because you’re a shark, and all you can think about is food.

This 3-D arcade has gained a lot of popularity among mobile gamers, maybe due to the large range of seafood and human cuisine it provides (yes, you can jump ashore and eat humans too). Maybe it’s because you get to unlock a variety of sharks as you move through the game, from the prehistoric Megalodon to the new-gen Robo-Sharks.

You can play the game via motion sensing or touch and drag, both of which promise to provide an immersive underwater experience. Underwater mines and torpedoes, fishing boats, jellyfish, larger sharks than you, and, most importantly, “hunger” are the only items that can kill you in the game. No fishes were hurt in the production of this game, so feel free to eat whatever you see.

18. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers was one of the first mobile offline games to make the endless-runner genre popular among gamers. Your main goal is to save Jake from the inspector and his dog, which you accomplish by dashing along the underground train lines. You can constantly outrun them by doing front rolls or jumping over hurdles while dodging any trains on the tracks, climbing train carriages, or running on moving trains.

You must also gather coins along the route, and there are a variety of gadgets you may pick up along the road to aid you in this endeavor, including high jumping boots, jetpacks, magnets, and hoverboards. These things and a variety of Jake clothes are available in the game’s in-game store.

19. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is a dramatic RPG featuring nail-biting battle sequences, a beefed-up version of its predecessor. It isn’t easy to envision a 2D game with this depth in its movements, especially when the characters are just shadows. The only color in the game is the beautifully curated backgrounds, which are works of beauty in and of themselves.

Hundreds of martial arts, warriors to battle, devastating weaponry, and incredibly lifelike fighting tactics are all included in the game. Although the combatants fight in black, the roster of characters and weapons depicts their actual 3D colorful figures. Fighting sequences can get intense, so every step you take will count.

The controls are straightforward and adequately spread out throughout the screen to allow smooth game management. Shadow Fight 2 has lived up to fans’ expectations and cannot be wholly appraised without playing the game. The game is available for free on Google Play and includes in-app purchases.

20. Warfare Era

Age of War is a popular online game that has been recreated for mobile devices. It is a game that can be completed in one sitting. You begin in a dinosaur-dominated prehistoric era when humans have learned to coexist with the creatures and even ride them into war. Your ultimate goal is to find and destroy the enemy’s hideout. You make wild men and dinosaurs in a lair and send them forth to fight enemies a short distance away on the same grounds.

As you kill more enemies and earn more points, you can upgrade your army base to include turrets to defend against enemies when our guys are not present. There’s also a unique air-drop strike that can be extremely useful at times. As you go through the game, you’ll pass through the Stone Age, the Cavalry Age, the Medieval Age, and finally the Future Age, where armies and turrets are far more powerful and destructive against adversaries. The most excellent element of the game is how well it balances both sides; even your foes evolve as you progress.

21. Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 might be the shift you’ve been looking for in your life if you enjoy long-form storytelling in games. This Esheresque puzzle offline game will soothe your spirit with its gorgeous geometrical motifs and enchanting abstract visuals, all accompanied by soothing music. This is a narrative about a mother and daughter on an exciting adventure. Ro teaches her daughter the nuances of life by solving puzzles in a fascinating realm of illusions and holy geometry. It’s your job to lead them through the game’s many stages and help them solve problems.

22. Smash Hit

Free to play is a somewhat obsessive arcade game made by Mediocre. All you have to do is smash everything that comes before you, as the name says. The game necessitates concentration and sharp vision in order to go the most significant distance and progress to the next level. The game is set in an ethereal realm where you must crush everything that stands in your way. It’s a well-balanced game with fantastic music and graphics that add realism.

23. Mazes, Puzzles, and More

A free version of a popular puzzle game produced by Leo De Sol Games effectively challenges your brain. You can take on challenging 2D retro labyrinths and become the maze king. You have the option of creating your avatar and skipping levels if you get stuck. The gameplay includes in-game navigation, which you can personalize by tapping or swiping on-screen controls for improved game control. The offline game is set up to make it easy to go through the levels. You can play the game on PC in classic style with basic and retro graphics in offline mode.

24. Trial Xtreme 4

Trial Xtreme 4 is one of the Deemedya INC racing series available for free. As you race against your competitors worldwide in this PVP racing game, you will earn more exciting rewards. Over 200 Xtreme levels are included in the game, and insane graphics provide a breathtaking experience. The swag mode allows you to modify your gear to fit your skill level. It’s a must-try for those looking for a real-time motocross PVP game.

25. Asphalt Nitro

Asphalt Nitro requires only 110 MB of space, as opposed to the gigabytes required by its siblings—and it works on older hardware as well. Nitro is a simplified version of the popular high-end Asphalt racing series. The graphics aren’t as good as possible, but the gameplay is solid. Get in your car, begin competing, and continue to improve your ride. There are 125 levels of growing difficulty for you to race through, so you’ll have plenty of time.

There are numerous excellent racing games available, but they frequently necessitate an internet connection. Asphalt Nitro completely meets the requirements of “free, offline, and long game time.” It’s no surprise that it’s been named one of the best free Android offline games in the past.

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