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11 Best OCR Software To Safeguard Your Old Documents In 2022

What is OCR Software?

The Best OCR Software To Protect Your Old Documents is described in this article. My acquaintance wanted to save a manuscript that her grandfather had written. He was confused about how to move it on a digital platform and was naive at the same time. When we talk about OCR scanners, he was astounded to see the several possibilities offered for the best OCR software for macs.

Even better, you can make an editable document from a scanned image so you may use it as a model for other documents in the future. However, you must make sure the Free OCR software you select is suitable for your needs before you begin scanning your data.

How can technology assist you in this digital age where keeping a piece of paper is quickly becoming obsolete? OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software is, obviously, the answer. With the use of this technology, you can convert a variety of paper documents into editable, editable digital data or scanned documents that can be kept as electronic documents.

One of the most significant advancements in the field of digital commerce is scanners with software. OCR, or optical character recognition, enables you to turn any image containing typed, handwritten, or printed text into text data that can be read by a computer.

Best OCR software is increasingly necessary. To automate administrative work, some people prefer to turn paper documents into searchable PDF files, while others want to use OCR software to extract specific information.

Before choosing a vendor or product, it’s crucial to examine the characteristics because there are numerous use cases and vendors to consider. The top OCR programs for 2022 are listed here for your convenience.

Features of OCR software:

What use does OCR software serve?

Optical Character Recognition is the abbreviation. It is a piece of technology that can identify text in digital images. Text in scanned documents and photos is frequently recognized using this technique. A real paper document or an image can be transformed into a text-rich, searchable electronic version using this software.

Best OCR Software:

OCR tools encourage hassle-free and greater workflow efficiency. Optical Character Recognition technology has advanced over time and now uses word processing tools to scan papers that contain text, saving time by eliminating the need for retyping. Similar to how you may convert PDF files to Word files, there are numerous services and programs available. Also look up Alternatives to

Let’s examine the best software that manages accuracy and speed while remaining user-friendly and effective.

1. AOcr dobe Acrobat Pro DC:

A full tool for working with PDF files, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC may be used to produce, convert, edit, and protect PDF files. Working with PDFs from genuine Adobe software requires Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, a crucial utility.

Portable Document Format (abbreviated as PDF) was created by Adobe Systems to offer a common file format that maintains the appearance of the document regardless of the platform or device on which it is viewed.

The fundamental benefit of this format is that it enables you to keep all aspects of the original document, including photos, text, fonts, hyperlinks, and interactive aspects (for example, buttons and check boxes). New capabilities in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC include tools for building PDF portfolios, emailing huge files, and password-protecting documents.

The program has good features that allow you to quickly turn Web pages into PDF files. Additionally, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC enables you to fill out forms, including comments, stamp papers, and add signatures. “Document Cloud Services” is a new functionality that has been added. On your desktop computer or a mobile device, it enables you to work with PDF documents anywhere.

2. OCR in its simplest form:

Simple OCR, one of the greatest OCR programs, accurately converts paper text into electronic text. OCR software promises to convert text with a 99 percent accuracy rate, requiring less editing and proofreading.

When a paper document has text that is not legibly printed or photocopies that are difficult to understand after scanning, the Simple OCR technique classifies it as despeckle or “noisy.” The free OCR software boosts its precision to more accurately retain the text when the “noisy document” option is chosen.

A unique feature of Simple OCR is its ability to convert and save photos in addition to text. As a result, there is less need to import an image file other ways.

3. (a9t9) Free OCR App:

(a9t9) Free OCR App transforms scanned images with text from your smartphone into editable files and papers. The accuracy with which it transforms text and image files can rival that of any paid software, even though it is one of the free OCR programs accessible.

This OCR program enables high-quality OCR application and recognition by utilizing contemporary, cutting-edge technologies. This OCR app, which is accessible through the Microsoft Store, works with all Windows 10 devices and is ad-free. This free OCR program is compatible with any device if you are using the Windows operating system.

4. Docsumo’s online OCR tool:

Data may be quickly and effectively extracted from photos or PDF documents with Docsumo’s free online OCR tool. To produce writing that is machine readable, deep learning is used. Regardless of how difficult the layout is, this application makes scanning and data extraction simple.

The benefit of using Docsumo’s free application is that no manual setup is needed and the data is precisely extracted. Simply upload your file, and the program will take care of the rest. The only file types that are currently supported are scanned photos with a maximum file size of 20MB and PDF files with up to four pages.

When you upload a file, the program will read it, extract the content, and then let you examine it so you can make any necessary adjustments. If everything went smoothly, you can download the converted file in a variety of output formats, including JSON, Excel, CSV, or TXT. Docsumo deletes the input file from their server after you complete the process.

You don’t have to leave your credit card information to use this OCR software, and there are no restrictions on its use. Table extraction and free Excel conversion are extra features that are available for PDF files.

5. Kofax OmniPage:

The most precise OCR engine available is called Kofax OmniPage. Paper documents and PDF files are converted into editable, searchable, and shareable digital files. Anyone who has to convert paper documents into digital files should use this program because it provides accuracy of up to 99 percent.

You may scan and convert documents into several formats with OmniPage, including PDF, Word, Excel, and others. Strong OCR (optical character recognition) and document security features are also included. It’s simple to convert paper documents into digital format, which makes it simple to organize, share, and keep your documents.

With a high level of accuracy, OmniPage supports 124 different languages. The most alluring aspect is that they only charge a one-time fee per license, which will unquestionably result in both immediate and long-term financial savings.

For individuals and small enterprises, this document digitization software works well. A 15-day free trial is provided.

6. Readiris:

For Readiris(opens in new tab) to truly merit its place on our list, it takes more than just a sophisticated user interface. This is one of the most comprehensive ones available if you own a small business or need to digitize a significant volume of paper and are willing to pay for it.

In addition, compared to other OCR systems, it is among the quickest and slickest, outperforming some of the more traditional ones we’ve used. It won’t take you long to move quickly between the several Readiris displays without needing to refer to a manual or embedded help file because documents are processed and filed quickly. It combines a lot of potent functionality with an easy-to-use UI, just like the finest apps do.

A Corporate level package, which is billed as a one-time fee, is necessary for some capabilities, including support for a maximum of 138 languages and PDF password security. A lot of you will be able to get by with the cheapest bundle, making it one of the most affordable options on this list. The level below that is Pro, and the basic product is simply the normal Readiris – and it’s still very good.

7. FineReader PDF 15:

You can work with PDFs more effectively than ever thanks to FineReader PDF 15’s comprehensive PDF solution. With its robust OCR technology, text from photos and paper documents may be recognized and converted into editable formats.

Creating, editing, and converting PDFs may all be done with FineReader PDF 15. It can be used to change the format or layout of a document, convert it to another file type, or build a new PDF from start.

Table data can be extracted from scanned or digitized documents using FineReader PDF 15 as well. Data can be exported to Excel, CSV, or XML files, or it can be copied automatically within the program. You can convert a lot of files at once thanks to its batch processing capability.

Critical Elements Create editable versions of documents using scans and images without having to start from scratch. Export data from scanned tables into CSV, XLSX, or XML formats for straightforward reuse in Microsoft Office programs and other software.

Convert paper documents with ease thanks to FineReader PDF 15’s recognition of over 200 languages in any combination and coverage of the legal systems of 190 nations. FineReader has all the features you need to work with your document in one location, including editing, annotating, and protecting PDFs: annotation, text conversion, and recognition

8. Tesseract:

Downloadable free and open-source OCR software is called Tesseract. It is a sophisticated and powerful tool and one of the best free OCR programs available. Using deep learning algorithms and AI, the Tesseract OCR scanner extracts text from uploaded data and image file types. It is used to extract text from all kinds of picture formats including scanned PDF files.

Tesseract OCR uses the OCR API primarily to decode, transform, extract, and save documents and data. But since the software doesn’t have a GUI interface and might not be everyone’s cup of tea, we advise only those with a technical inclination to utilize it.

9. Nanonets:

Without human assistance, nanonets employ artificial intelligence to extract data from documents. It can handle many different languages and is made to be simple to use and accurate.

The AI learns and gets better as you use it more, and it can swiftly verify information gleaned from the paper.

This program can extract information from structured or semi-structured documents like invoices and purchase orders.

P&G, Deloitte, EY, Toyota, and many other top companies use nanonets. They provide a 7-day free trial as well as a free edition for beginners (process 100 pages). This top OCR engine may be used on Windows, Mac, and the cloud in terms of deployments.

10. Rossum:

A unique OCR solution is provided by Rossum (opens in new tab), which scans invoices for important data that can then be exported into the software of your choice.

This might make it particularly handy for businesses that receive a lot of bills, particularly from contractors and suppliers, who may frequently send them in paper form.

Instead of employing a template structure, the software uses AI to scan the document for important information, which is advantageous because different invoices typically have distinct formats that present information.

Although this may make it very helpful in that regard, its limited scope of usage prevents it from being widely used in other situations where documents or photos must be scanned or otherwise converted to editable text files. Rossum, which has a defined goal and caters to a certain niche demand, would undoubtedly be helpful for companies that need to extract figures quickly and readily rather than just working with text.

There is no flat rate pricing; instead, you must get a quote from the business because it operates in a personalized manner for the documents you use and the data you need to scan and export. To test if it will meet your needs, a free trial is offered.

11. Microsoft OneNote:

Most Microsoft OneNote users are not aware of how effective an OCR tool it is. You can take notes, gather data, online newspaper clippings, and fill out electronic forms. The program reads the files you upload and pulls out the crucial data. You can copy text from any document or image in Microsoft OneNote and paste it in the notes section where you can change the material from there.

Additionally, by adding different categories and sections, you may arrange your notes more effectively. They are all automatically saved and simple to find using the search bar. Collaborate on projects with your coworkers and staff and simply transfer files and ideas. Make and share your digital content library, add videos, and take audio notes.


Ever wished you could store an old book on your laptop? OCR software is useful when converting hard copies to soft copies. We’ve put up a list of the top OCR programs to help you turn handwritten notes into text that can be read by computers.

Because Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is less expensive than OmniPage Ultimate, you should buy it if you want to spend your money on the greatest professional tools. Try Readiris 17 and Abbyy FineReader Online for accurate conversion without slowing down. From the choices above, pick the one that most closely matches your requirements.

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