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Best Moving Truck Rental Companies [Top 5]

Moving Truck Rental Companies

When it’s time to move, you can hire a professional moving service, which can cost thousands of dollars. That’s why many renters and homeowners choose to rent a moving truck and move.

Finding the right moving truck rental company is essential before hiring one. When these companies charge for the use of their vehicles, they do so in different ways. This means that the most affordable way to rent a truck for a long-distance move may differ from the cheapest way to rent a truck for a local move.

Moving truck rental companies also offer different sizes of trucks and serve different areas. Learn more about the top moving truck rental businesses here so you can acquire the best truck possible to help with your relocation.

How to Choose the Best Moving Truck Rental Company

When looking for the best moving truck rentals, there are a few essential things that people need to pay attention to. What to search for while renting a vehicle is discussed further below.

Reservation Process

Customers should make plans as far in advance as possible to ensure they can get a truck for their moving day. Most truck reservation companies let customers use a credit card to make a reservation online. To find out if a moving truck is available on the day of the move, customers of some companies need to make reservations in advance. Customers with tight schedules who need to be sure a car will be available on a specific date might not want to go with these companies. Also, read Best Online Sewing Classes.

Pickup Location Availability and Hours

Customers should call ahead to determine if the truck rental company’s operating hours are compatible with their relocation plans, as most have brick-and-mortar sites with regular business hours. Most moving companies will let customers return vans when the business is closed, but customers usually have to pick up vans when the business is open. But with some companies, the customer can pick up the car even when the rental office is closed.

It’s also important to check the location. Customers moving elsewhere should consider how close the van pickup is to where they are starting and how far they’ll have to drive to return the van when they get to their new home. Some companies may even ask the customer to return the van to the same place they picked it up. This is not ideal for people who are moving far away.

Deposit Requirements and Pricing

Companies that rent out moving trucks usually charge a flat fee and a per-mile rate. Both of these rates depend on the size of the truck. Daily rates can be anywhere from $20 to $100. Some companies charge as much as $1.30 per mile for renting a moving truck, while others charge as little as 20 cents per mile. A refundable deposit is often required by moving companies in case the customer damages the vehicle during the rental period.

When choosing a rental for a relocation, Weighing the entire cost of the rental versus the distance you will drive is one of the most crucial things to consider while moving. For a local move, the rate structure of one company might be more affordable, but for a long-distance move, the rate structure of another company might make more sense. In addition, consumers need to pay special attention to dates, as some businesses implement pricing changes on a daily or weekly basis. Moving truck rentals can be cheaper during the week when they aren’t as busy than on weekends when people are more likely to need them. If a customer rents a van for more than one day, the price per day may change on the following days.

Minimum Renter Age and Insurance Requirements

Most moving companies need their customers to be 18 years old and show proof of insurance to rent a moving truck. Many auto insurance companies don’t cover large truck rentals, so that customers may want extra insurance. Many moving truck companies also offer different protection options for an extra fee. These include damage waivers that cover any damage to the truck or its equipment, cargo coverage for any damage to the cargo that could be caused by a collision or other accident, medical coverage in case of an accident, and liability coverage in case the truck causes damage to a third party.

Vehicle Size Options

Moving trucks range in length from small cargo vans 9 feet long to big trucks 26 feet long. A non-CDL holder can legally transport the maximum weight of 26,000 pounds in a 26-foot vehicle. Customers can figure out what size they need by looking at how many rooms they have. Generally, each room in a moving truck will take up between 6 and 10 feet of space. So, a small studio apartment can be moved with a 10-foot truck, but a house with four or more bedrooms needs a 26-foot truck. Some companies may offer different vehicles like pickup trucks or stakebed trucks.

Vehicle Features and Moving Accessories

Many moving companies offer extras to help with the move and the truck. Tow dollies and car carriers let the customer bring their car along, so they don’t have to go back for it or find someone else to drive it. Most movers also provide the sale of moving goods, such as furniture pads to safeguard your belongings and dollies to transport your heavy items. Some moving companies also sell strong packing boxes.

Professional Mover Availability

Even though moving trucks are mainly made for people who want to move, many companies offer the option of hiring movers to help load and unload the truck for an extra fee. If a customer wants this service, they can check with the moving company to see if they offer it and add it to their reservation when they choose a service.

Refueling Requirements

Some moving companies charge extra fees if the gas tank is filled after the truck is returned. Customers will need to check with the moving company to find out if they need to fill the tank up or just back up to where it was when they got the truck.

Cancellation Policy

Most moving companies need a deposit from the customer to hold the truck. This deposit could be any amount between $50 and $150. Most of the time, customers can cancel their reservations up to 24 hours ahead without losing their deposits. Some companies let you quit at any time without any fees. When making a reservation, customers will want to double-check the cancellation policy, significantly if their moving date could change.

Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Some of the most well-known and trusted names in moving truck rentals are on the list below. These companies offer a wide range of sizes and some of the cheapest moving trucks for local and long-distance moves.

1) U-Haul

Why it was chosen: U-Haul is a well-known truck rental company with thousands of locations across the country, a good name, and low prices. Because of all these things, it’s one of the best deals for moving trucks.

U-Haul is one of the most well-known moving truck rental companieson. The corporation has been around for about seventy-five years, and it now has over twenty-one thousand sites across the United States. This makes it one of the country’s largest and most well-known truck rental businesses.

Customers will also like the company has features like Truck Share 24/7, which lets them pick up and drop off a truck even when the location is closed. The Gentle-Ride suspension on U-Haul trucks makes them easy to drive and smooth. Customers who pay by credit card don’t have to deposit, and U-Haul has cargo vans that get up to 18 miles per gallon (mpg) and are great for small moves. Even though the price per mile might not be the best for moves longer than 100 miles, U-Haul is a very cheap option for moves of 100 miles or less. Also, read Best Riding Lawn Mowers in 2023.




2) Penske

Why it made a list: Penske’s flat 1-day rate makes it an affordable choice for long-distance moves.

Penske doesn’t charge by the mile for one-way truck rentals. Instead, it charges a flat rate. This makes it a good choice for long moves. For example, with a flat rate of $299 for one day, you would have to go at least 200 miles to beat the prices of moving companies that charge by the mile. The Moving Truck Wizard on Penske’s website makes it easier for customers to set up service. It helps them choose the right size truck for their move.

Penske is also a part of the EPA’s SmartWay program, which improves its supply chain’s efficiency and lowers its trucks’ carbon footprint. The company also lets you cancel for free at any time, which is helpful if something comes up out of the blue and you need to move or change your date.




3) Budget Truck Rental

Why it made a list: Do you want to rent a moving truck for a low price? With all of its deals and low prices per mile, Budget Truck Rental’s prices are hard to beat.

The Budget truck rental service, as its name suggests, has a lot of discounts. The company’s 9-foot cargo van costs just $29.99 plus 79 cents per mile. But it’s important to know that Budget’s prices go up during busy times, which can make the rate a customer pays go up a lot. The company often has deals that make renting a car cheaper. You can find these deals easily by clicking on the Deals tab at the top of the Budget website. The Budget has cheaper rates during off-peak times, and customers who are flexible about when they move can get even more discounts. The Budget has 2,800 locations all over the United States. Students, members of AAA, AARP, the military, and first responders can get discounts.




4) The Home Depot

Why it made a list: The Home Depot’s hourly and daily rates are low, which makes it an excellent choice for local moves.

The Home Depot is a big store; you can rent moving trucks and vans there. The company charges a flat rate for its flatbed pickup trucks and cargo vans and doesn’t charge extra for the miles driven. Trucks and vans may also be rented for as little as 75 minutes, which is an excellent option for people who only need to move a few blocks away. At some Home Depot stores, customers can also rent Penske trucks. Customers must bring vans and trucks back to the same spot where they picked them up. The Home Depot also doesn’t take reservations for its cargo vans, and you can’t hire help to move. But The Home Depot is a good choice for people who live near a store and can take advantage of the service’s low-cost, flexible rates for a local move. Also, read Best Places to Buy Dining Room Furniture.




5) Enterprise

Why it made a list: Enterprise has 17 different sizes of vehicles, so there is a truck for every moving need.

Enterprise has 17 different kinds of rental cars, including pickup trucks, cargo vans, and box trucks of four different lengths. Because there are so many sizes, every customer can find the right one. Enterprise is a reasonably cheap option with a rate of 20 cents per mile. But the company asks that the truck be returned to where it was picked up, and weekend availability may be limited. Also, the company only has towing services at some locations, and you can’t hire help to load and unload the truck. But Enterprise is an excellent place to rent a moving truck if you are moving locally and there is an Enterprise location nearby.




Our Verdict

U-Haul is the best truck rental company because it has low prices, many locations, and a good name that goes back more than 70 years. The way Penske prices its services makes it an excellent choice for long-distance movers, and we like that it doesn’t charge to cancel.

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