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Best Mobile Accounting Apps for 2022

Best Mobile Accounting Apps

What is a Mobile Accounting App?

Therefore, carry a notebook on you at all times and record all transactions and bills there. To identify the outstanding invoices, you must examine the pages again. Then, you must contact your clients as necessary. And only use that to compute your sales tax at the end of the year. If you misplace the notebook, you won’t know how to handle your money anymore. It sounds rather taxing, no? For today’s fast-paced lifestyle, the traditional method is quite time-consuming and hectic. Then you can employ a bookkeeper and delegate financial management to a professional accountant. But as a small business owner, paying them will set you back a fortune. But why bother when your smartphone can manage all of them with just a few clicks? You’re best off using an accounting program, then. It enables you to rapidly record and keep track of all your costs and income. You may plan ahead and automate portions of your budget to accommodate everything you want to have here.

Best Mobile Accounting Apps

QuickBooks Online

Since its founding 28 years ago, QuickBooks has devoted itself to assisting startups and small companies like yours to prosper and realize their objectives. There are currently 7 million users using it worldwide. You can manage cash flow, arrange receipts, track mileage, create invoices, organize receipts, track mileage, and even track sales tax for yourself. They provide four solutions that will undoubtedly satisfy all of your business demands. What’s best? They’re trying to give you a 50% discount for the first three months! A simple UI with only the necessities is preferable for you if you are new to this type of tool. Their “basic start” bundle is $25 per month, but with the discount, it just costs $12.

The “plus” option, which costs $35 per month after the discount and enables you to check inventory and manage bills, is the one that their fans adore the most. Additionally, their advanced version, which includes too many extra features like batching invoices, business insights, workflow automation, and a dedicated accounts team, will set you back $75 per month. You can incorporate tools like PayPal and engage in a live consultation with their expertise in bookkeeping. Additionally, if their discounts and deals aren’t enticing you yet, they are giving you a 30-day free trial.


Invoice generation, electronic signature acceptance, deposit acceptance, the scheduling of late fees, estimating, onboarding services, limitless time monitoring and cost management are just a few of the things that FreshBooks provides. In accordance with the plans you select, it helps you manage various clients. You may even combine this software with other crucial business tools like Gmail, MailChimp, Slack, and other programs. They already have a sizable user base of 24 million FreshBooks users in more than 60 countries, demonstrating the app’s dominance in the market. And it states that by using this program, a typical business owner may cut up to 192 hours of accounting labour.

You may create invoices and digital receipts with FreshBooks. Your ability to select the ideal plan for your particular demands and utilize it effectively is made simple by their comprehensive guidance. For the first six months, they give a flat 60 percent discount, and their most popular plus subscription only costs $7.50 per month. can take advantage of their no-cost 30-day trial without providing a credit card number.


Xero is your all-in-one accounting partner for running your business efficiently, from paying your past-due bills to creating invoices and transactions using banks easily. They are not falling behind in the race either, with more than 2 million members globally. They offer services including bill payment, expenditure reimbursement, bank account connection, payment acceptance, project tracking, etc. You could screw up your accounting information as a new user if you get stuck using it, however, they provide 24/7 support. For that reason, you do not need to suspend your transactions.

Their most popular basic plan is $30 per month, while their premium plan is $40 per month. Their plans start at just $20 per month. Additionally, Xero provides a 30-day free trial so that you may test it out and see if it adequately meets all of your demands. By including the expense claiming and project monitoring elements, you can alter these plans.

Wave Invoicing

Wave may be your company’s virtual accounting partner. It can be extremely difficult to quickly manage your cash flow and keep an eye on the specifics as a small business owner. And things can become very complicated when it comes to filing taxes. However, after you link your bank account to Wave Invoicing, it manages and organizes all of your earnings, outlays, and payments. Even big brands require a virtual assistant to keep track of all their transactions and tax data; Wave is here to assist you in these circumstances. Because doing so online might raise serious security concerns, storing and handling such sensitive data is risky. Wave Invoicing is aware of that as well. For this reason, they set the data as read-only and encrypt the bank-related information using 256 bit SSL encryption. They also provide cost-free subscriptions. As a result, you may quickly register a free account to test out their features.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books can handle anything for you, from managing your daily transactions to automating the business operations. And over the course of the last ten years, this software has been able to establish a reputation as a reliable accounting aid. You can use it to close deals, create invoices, determine your sales tax obligations, and even create audit reports. Additionally, Zoho has a robust connection program with a number of well-known websites and apps, including Office365, G Suite, Stripe, and dozens of their own. If you want to combine it with your other business-related accounts, contact them.


Are you starting to feel a little feature-tired after looking over all the excellent and future-proof mobile accounting apps? Let’s try something easy now, okay? Kashoo has just one mission: to make accounting for your company simpler and easier. The finest accounting partner for your small business is Kashoo if you need fewer than 500 transactions per year. It is small, less expensive, and includes all the necessary functions. Simply link your credit and bank cards, and Kashoo will take care of the accounting and tax aspects automatically. It also includes a tonne of free materials and templates that can help your business in a variety of ways. They provide a free invoice-generating subscription if that’s all you need for your business.

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