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15 Best Marketing Attribution Software In 2022

Marketing Attribution

You may anticipate finding further insights that will help you optimize your campaigns for optimal revenue once you find the correct marketing attribution software.

All data-driven teams face a huge issue in marketing attribution, and without the proper tools and technology, assigning conversions to channels can be challenging. Only 17% of advertisers examine the overall performance of their digital channels due to the difficulty of doing so. Despite the difficulties involved in achieving good marketing attribution, if you execute it correctly, you’ll have access to useful information that will increase your traffic and profits.

Marketing attribution solutions are the greatest choice when it comes to assigning conversions to your channels. However, deciding which one is best for the job can be very overwhelming given the abundance of possibilities. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top marketing attribution software and solutions to get the ball rolling so you can work more productively and boost ROI.

What are marketing attribution tools and software?

For modern businesses, marketing attribution software is a necessity since it enables marketers to identify the channels, campaign landing pages, and advertising that had the biggest influence on leads and revenue.

The best marketing attribution software enables you to analyze your marketing efforts using each attribution model’s perspective and you in choose where to allocate your time and resources.

You may waste money on channels that are ineffective if you don’t have marketing attribution software in place since you can’t determine which ones generate the most value.

What are marketing attribution models?

Frameworks called marketing attribution models to allow you to precisely pinpoint how and where website visitors and customers interact with your marketing initiatives before converting. Related: How to start, what attribution modeling is, and why it matters. It serves as a tool to assist you in evaluating the significance of your marketing channels and how they impact your conversion rates.

There are five main attribution models:

Because each of these attribution models rates the significance of your touchpoints differently, they will all produce different outcomes.

Why is marketing attribution software important?

Marketing attribution tools can help you boost your game if you’re solely using Google Analytics to track your conversions without linking your clicks to your sales.

The tools and technologies we’re going to look at will help you make the most of the wonderful benefits of paying closer attention to marketing attribution. Here are three major advantages:

How to choose the right marketing attribution tools and software?

As you may already be aware, businesses and their digital marketers have access to a wide range of technologies. When assessing marketing attribution software, there are many factors to take into account. Finding the ideal fit, though, is well worth the investigation. The three items listed below should be taken into account when choosing your marketing attribution software.


Software for marketing attribution comes in a wide range of prices. While some tools can cost up to several thousand pounds per month, others are more reasonably priced for small and medium-sized businesses. The majority of services charge a specific amount per visitor. However, it’s not unusual for some providers to charge extra for account setup, integrations, and excess usage. Take the time to comprehend what you are paying for and the value you are receiving in return before you agree to or sign a contract.

Features and native integrations 

You should think about integrations if you utilize many programs to manage your marketing campaigns, sales pipeline, and customer information. Check that the tool you are considering interacts easily with your current technology by looking at your current Martech stack.

Full customer journey tracking

Not every lead is created online. Using a marketing attribution solution that can measure your online and offline touchpoints makes sense if you employ conventional ways of communication to convert leads into paying clients. By doing this, you can learn more about how certain online touchpoints affect your biggest offline deals and vice versa.

The best marketing attribution tools and software for 2022

Costs are associated with several marketing attribution systems. However, if you value growth, they are worthwhile. Your team will have access to data that may be used to improve upcoming marketing initiatives and budgets.

When it comes to marketing attribution, there isn’t a technology that fits all situations. But, with each platform comes a distinct combination of features, capabilities and benefits.

As we examine the best 15 marketing attribution tools and software for 2022 and beyond, let’s look at what they are.

1. Ruler Analytics

Ruler is first on our list. You’ll realize why we may seem biased once you’ve seen it. A closed-loop marketing attribution tool called Ruler can give you a plethora of information about your marketing ROI. You can use it to link all of your marketing initiatives to sales. Ruler accomplishes this by identifying visitors to your website and tracking each one’s individual path through many touchpoints. Ruler Analytics links the user’s information to their marketing touchpoints whenever an anonymous visitor converts into a lead and provides the resulting data to your CRM.

2. Adinton

Adinton is a comprehensive package for marketing optimization that has capabilities to support your marketing attribution. The tool keeps track of your marketing expenditures, clicks, and conversions and then gives you feedback on how successful each channel was and if you invested too little or too much in each. After the data is gathered, Adinton assists you in taking action to enhance the performance of your campaign and make the best use of your marketing resources. To provide you with a complete picture, they also collect offline data and data from different domains and devices.

3. Adjust

Adjust is a mobile attribution platform that may provide you with useful data to grow your mobile app. The Adjust platform has great strength. You can track which advertisements resulted in conversions right down to the ad creatives that customers saw. Unlike many other solutions, they have integrated an anti-fraud mechanism onto their site to guarantee that your data and budget are secure and never misrepresented. They immediately interact with more than 2,000 advertising partners, making it simple for you to set up and begin collecting campaign data.

4. Adobe Analytics

The built-in Attribution modelling tools in Adobe Analytics are a fantastic choice if you’re already a part of the Adobe ecosystem and intend to stay there. All the tools you’ll need are in Adobe Analytics, including machine learning and advanced statistics, to assist you and your team evaluate the success of your marketing and understanding when and how your customers are ready to make a purchase. You must get a specific price from Adobe Analytics based on your traffic volumes and needs if you want to use it for your marketing attribution.

5. Adroll

AdRoll’s Growth Marketing product, a recent addition to our list, analyzes your customer journeys and gives credit where credit is due to the marketing channels that drive conversions. It offers advertisers a unified view of their marketing mix and provides extensive insights into how campaigns work across numerous channels.

6. Altitude by Impact

It’s intended to serve as a one-stop shop for marketing teams who want a comprehensive overview of their conversion statistics across all channels so they can identify the sources of their successes and failures immediately. With their drag-and-drop system, you may create your own customized reporting framework and dashboards to guarantee that your reports are suited to your particular requirements.

7. AppsFlyer

Appsflyer is for you if a mobile app is the core of your company’s operations. Appsflyer is a marketing attribution platform for mobile apps that, as its name implies, assists marketers in attributing app installs to web-based touchpoints. This will aid in campaign optimization and enable you to link conversions to the various platforms you’re using to market your goods, such as app stores, Facebook, Google Ads, TV, email, or organic traffic.

8. Demandbase

Demandbase offers a complete set of marketing attribution tools, but they are only useful if your business is large enough to take full advantage of them. Demandbase monitors all of a lead’s interactions with your brand, not only those that occurred as a result of focused marketing campaigns, in contrast to certain other attribution tools. Demandbase is an ABM platform, therefore you can use it to determine how engaged your leads are by directly linking your marketing attribution data to your accounts.

9. Funnel

With the use of the data collecting tool funnel, you can generate automatic reports from marketing and advertising data to help you choose your targets and budgets more wisely. To rapidly see how each channel relates to your objectives, the funnel allows you to easily evaluate your campaign data from all of your channels in one location. Since Funnel collects all of the data, you won’t need to combine data from several sources. As a result, when it comes to creating your reports, you’ll save time and effort. Additionally, you may import the data into your preferred applications, like Google Analytics, Sheets, and Data Studio.

10. Google Attribution

Even though Google’s Attribution service is still in beta, it’s an excellent alternative if you frequently run ads on Google Ads and don’t have the funds for other attribution tools. It is a component of the Google Analytics ecosystem, and Google Attribution offers more information about the effectiveness of your Google Ads. All marketers get free access to it. It assists you in understanding multi-click and multi-channel trips in a way that is impossible to achieve manually, as you would expect from any attribution tool.

11. HubSpot Attribution

I’m sure most of you have heard of HubSpot. It is a pioneer in marketing and sales automation. However, it’s also creating a stir in the crediting community. Your CRM and marketing data are connected by HubSpot, enabling you to assign different touchpoints to each stage of the customer experience. With its attribution reporting, you can determine which particular channels are increasing revenue and take wiser actions to boost your marketing effectiveness.

12. Looker

From reporting to attribution, Looker’s marketing analytics tools and software may assist with a wide range of marketing duties. With the aid of Looker, you can see customer interactions across all touchpoints, enabling you to interact with all customers more intimately and pertinently. Creating data visualizations is a more engaging manner than is otherwise feasible to understand your clients, which is also a simple process. Depending on your needs, it costs between $3,000 and $5,000 a month, like some of the other marketing attribution modelling tools listed below.

13. Neustar

Spending money on offline advertising? You should use Neustar. The multi-touch attribution tool from Neustar assists marketers in tracking the effectiveness of both their online and offline efforts. It enables marketers to comprehend the entire client journey and determine the effect omnichannel efforts have on conversion rates. You may real-time optimize your campaigns and maximize your budgets with the help of the data Neustar offers.

14. Oktopost

A platform for social media distribution and attribution for B2B marketers is called Oktopost. With the data it gathers, it enriches your leads and interfaces with well-known marketing automation platforms like Marketo, Eloqua, and Act-On. Oktopost will tell you whether or not your social media marketing efforts are successful, so you don’t have to wait and hope for results. You can either redirect your efforts or intensify what is already working.

15. Onclusive

Onclusive is for you if your business invests in public relations or is frequently highlighted in media around the world. A PR analytics and attribution platform called Onclusive enhances the way your company interacts with the outside world. Instead of just tracking brand mentions, Onclusive shows you the impact of such mentions and offers advice on how to amplify and optimize your media mentions to increase your visibility.

Need help finding the right marketing attribution tool for you? 

It can take some effort to find the best multi-touch marketing attribution tool. To better grasp their requirements and what your product must accomplish for you, we advise chatting with your marketing and sales staff. Uncovering insights that directly impact your marketing operations, income, and growth is something you can count on once you start using your marketing attribution tool.

And I assume that’s all anyone in sales or marketing wants. Remember, Ruler gives you access to a wealth of startling data on your website visitors and marketing efforts. You can keep tabs on your lead’s activity throughout the customer journey and see precisely which marketing strategies increase sales. Start tracking your customer journey across numerous touchpoints today with one of the technologies mentioned above or schedule a demo with Ruler Analytics.

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