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Top 13 Best Free File Backup Software For Windows In 2022

What is Free File Backup Software?

We require backup software for our computers. When our primary disc eventually dies, iPhone backup software saves the day. It would be great if Microsoft offered Windows customers something similar to Apple’s Time Machine: a reliable, set-it-and-forget-it entire system recovery and backup solution that required minimal user participation or thought.

Instead, Microsoft provides a jumble of restore points, recovery CDs, file backup, and even the un-retired System Backup (Windows 7), which was probably put to pasture due to its propensity for choking on incompatible hardware. Another alternative is online backup services; however, desktop clients tend to be more flexible. Backing up can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Copying files and folders to a rewritable CD or DVD, USB drive(opens in new tab), or external hard drive(opens in new tab) is one option, as is using a cloud backup(opens in new tab) solution to access and sync your files and folders across many devices.

While employing just one file backup mechanism is desirable, using many backup methods to provide a genuine and realistic degree of redundancy is even better. However, doing so may make managing your google backups and sync more complicated. This is where backup software shines, allowing you to more easily manage and automate backup processes, simply leaving everything running and saving in the background while you work.

There are many payback software options available, but even better, there are free versions so you can see which program is ideal for you. Before we go into the best free google backup and sync software, we should look at the best disc cloning software(opens in new tab) and best data recovery software(opens in new tab).

What are the functions of backup software?

Backup software is computer programs used to perform a backup; they create exact supplementary copies of files, databases, or entire computers. These programs may later use the extra copies to restore the original contents in the event of data loss. Hence they’re very useful to users.

 List of Top 13 Best Free File Backup Software For Windows:

To assist you in keeping your data safe, we compiled a list of the top backup software for Windows. Examine them and choose the best option for you from the list

1. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office – Best overall runner-up:

There’s a reason Acronis is so well-known in the backup software industry. Cyber Protect Home Office (formerly Acronis True Image) is powerful, adaptable, and dependable. It is, without a doubt, the world’s most complete data security suite.

It includes security tools that defend against malware, malicious websites, and other dangers utilizing real-time monitoring and giving unequaled backup functionality that is both robust and easy to operate.

2. Paragon Backup & Recovery:

The free community edition of Paragon Backup & Recovery does an outstanding job of making backup as simple as possible, using a wizard-driven UI to guide you through the process. You may back up your entire computer, partitions, or specific files and folders based on their location or kind.

Once that’s done, you must select a schedule and choose the type of backup you want to create, and the software will take care of the rest.

That’s not all; as the second half of its name implies, this isn’t just a backup program. Paragon Backup & Recovery is a comprehensive data management suite with a powerful CD or USB-based data recovery system that can help you recover your data even if you can’t boot into Windows.

It’s all awe-inspiring. This free backup program is a work of art once you’ve joined up for a free account.

3. AOMEI Backupper Standard:

AOMEI Backupper Standard appears halfway through our list of the 10 Best Free File Backup Software for Windows. This software doesn’t just give you a few options for backing up your files and data. There are four different settings to choose from. ‘Disk Backup,’ ‘Partition Backup,’ ‘File/Folder Backup,’ and ‘System Backup’ are the four options. This best backup software for Windows also has a backup scheduler feature. It allows users to execute backups on a one-time basis, every day, week, or month, and at regular intervals throughout the day. This makes it easier to keep track of the files being transferred. Advanced options include selecting a complete, incremental, or differential backup.

4. Cobian Reflector:

Cobian Reflector can backup files, discs, and folders to and from a local disc, an FTP server, a network share, an external device, or a manual location. Any or all of these locations can be utilized as the source and backup site in conjunction with the others.

You can employ a complete, differential, or incremental backup. It also supports Volume Shadow Copy and automatically deletes empty folders from backups.

You can configure the application to encrypt and compress a backup into separate archives for each file, do a simple copy without archiving anything, or archive the entire source location into one file. When compressing a backup, you can also break it into smaller portions, which is beneficial if you plan to utilize the contents on a CD.

It’s possible to be very specific when scheduling a backup. Cobian Reflector can conduct a backup job daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or on a timer every minute.

5. Ashampoo Backup Pro 16:

Ashampoo is an odd-sounding brand name for a German company that has constantly improved its Backup Pro tool for years.

The user interface is simple and intuitive, with wizards that guide you through the backup process. Because there are so many features to choose from, this is useful. Backup Pro 16 allows you to back up individual files, an entire disc partition, or the entire system (including Windows), allowing you to restore a PC entirely after a catastrophe or other disaster.

Background backups eliminate the need to turn off your computer while the procedure is running, and there is now greater support for the destinations that can be utilized to save the files created. These include your local disc, external storage, and a variety of cloud-based options, including OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and any NAS, and it also works with Office365 and OneDrive Business.

Encryption, versioning, compression (7Zip/LZMA), automatic backup verification, and a scheduler ensure that backups are performed when most convenient.

6. pCloud backup software:

The pCloud backup software logo is a secure encrypted cloud storage service that can be accessed from any device and offers trustworthy security. You can send, receive, and collaborate on each file using it.

Teams & Access Levels, Shared Folders, Comments to Files & Folders, and Activity Monitoring are just a few features in this free server backup program.

You can store files on pCloud and view them from any device. It will allow you to exchange and collaborate on files and encrypt and keep private files private.

7. EaseUS Todo Backup Free:

Data backup has never been easy without file backup software. Individual files and folders, entire CDs or partitions, or a full system backup take far too long to complete. For those looking for the finest backup software for Windows, EaseUS Todo Backup Free is available. It automatically backs up files in commonly used areas, and you can even use cloud storage. There isn’t much of a difference between the free and premium versions. It also allows users to backup Outlook and transfer files from one file to another.

8. Backupper 6 Standard – Best free option:

Backupper Standard wins among the free apps we examined since it has the most functions, including imaging, file backup, disc cloning, primary file synchronization, and many scheduling settings. This was the case with Backupper 4, and the latest edition has merely added to the list of features, making it a remarkably well-rounded free alternative. We ran up a few speed issues with non-standard system setups, but it should work OK for the average user.

9. FBackup:

FBackup’s interface is a little ugly (and Office-inspired), but don’t let that deter you. Underneath the obnoxious veneer hides a good backup program; however, it lacks the feature set of programs like Paragon Backup & Recovery.

FBackup has a wizard and advanced modes to choose from. Whatever option you choose, creating backup jobs consisting of files and folders that can be saved to local or network devices, portable DVDs, or Google Drive is simple. To keep your backups up to date, scheduling is offered.

There are adverts in the application urging you to upgrade to Backup4all, but they’re rather discreet, so you should be able to ignore them if you’re not interested.

A few features are missing from the free edition of the program, but depending on your needs, they may be insignificant. Fbackup is worth checking out if you can live without encryption, FTP backups, email notifications, and incremental backups.

10. Google Drive:

Google Drive isn’t a standard backup solution by any means; it’s cloud-based, and the amount of online Google storage you have will determine what you can back up.

You’re granted a certain amount of free space, and there are a few ways to increase it without spending any money, but Google Drive is only good for backing up particular directories, not your entire system.

However, it’s fantastic for backing up important files and folders. Any number of folders can be specified for the software to monitor, and any modifications, additions, or deletions are implemented almost instantly.

The software can synchronize files between computers, making the Google Drive web client accessible from any device. A fantastic backup tool, albeit with certain limitations.

Google Drive is sometimes referred to as Google One, and to use Google Drive, you must first download and install the Google Backup and Sync software. You’ll also need to be aware that when files and folders are backed up, they should have a green tick next to them; if they don’t, your files aren’t backed up, which had previously taken users off guard when Google upgraded the service.

11. Free Easis Drive Cloning:

Easis Drive Cloning is another excellent tool for recovering and backing up files. However, there are both free and commercial versions of the device. However, depending on your needs, you may choose any of them. Easis Disk Cloning is the greatest free Windows backup program because it clones your drive and allows you to make hard drive pictures. Additionally, you have the option of rewriting the images to the drive. If you have the full program version, you can also re-read damaged sectors and convert pictures to real partitions.

12. iDrive:

Another advantage of iDrive is that it functions similarly to Apple Time Machine in that you can restore a file at any point in its history. Ideally, before malware has corrupted or encrypted, you can even recover data that you’ve destroyed if you do so within 30 days of putting them in the trash.

You may also create a Sync folder that will automatically share files you put in it across all of your devices. These are also accessible using the iDrive web client.

If you’re not near your computer, you can manage your backups using the iDrive online client, which allows you to schedule or restore them from any device with an internet connection. This is useful if you realize you need to back up something or if a family member requires older files.

You can utilize the Disk Clone tool in the iDrive desktop client, which also has a lot of other functions, to make a complete clone of your disc, including the OS.

Suppose you want a simpler life without the complex desktop client’s setup options or the different online adventures. In that case, the new iDrive Basic is a stripped-down interface that lets you set up backup routines, restore earlier versions, and share files with pals with just a few clicks.

IDrive is suited for individuals with high-speed unlimited bandwidth broadband, much like all other Cloud backups, and those with capped connections should generally avoid it. IDrive does offer an Express option, which allows you to create backups on storage discs that IDrive sends to you and then returns. Data recovery can be arranged similarly, but only for customers in the United States; customers from other countries must pay for shipment.

13. O&O AutoBackup 6:

O&O provides a quick and easy application that syncs and backs up copies of your files and folders to a hard drive or USB stick automatically.

The difference with this method is that it is activated when the backup media (such as a disc or USB drive) is inserted, though you can also set up a backup plan if you need to protect files for a specified period. A real-time model tracks change to files in highlighted folders and copy them to the backup location.

The backup on insertion feature of O&O AutoBackup is a nice touch, but the program is otherwise limited. It is, nevertheless, reasonably simple to use for individuals who aren’t technically inclined, as the modest number of options accessible won’t easily confuse them. It’s also competitively priced at £19.99/$27.99 for people who don’t require a lot of bells and whistles.

The AutoBackup approach is ideal for someone who captures data every day and wishes to secure it at the end of the day. However, because it cannot safeguard a running operating system or boot partitions, it will not be able to restore a PC that has suffered a catastrophic drive failure. DiskImage 16, a system imaging utility from O&O, is offered for £35.99/$49.95 for this purpose.

DiskRecovery 14 Professional (£65/$99), a utility for recovering lost files and damaged partitions, is also available from O&O, as well as specific tools for SSD migrations, cash mitigation, and safe system erasure.


The article introduces 13 different free file recovery programs. The last software is the finest to use because it can not only restore files rapidly but also restore the original file’s format and path. The method of restoring iPhone data was also described in the article.

The most compelling data protection strategy is to back up your computer. AOMEI Backupper is a professional backup application. It may back up your information regularly, and each backup preserves the newly added data, saving you a lot of space. You can give it a shot if you’re interested.

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