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Top 13 Best File Managers For Android For Easy File Organization In 2022

Best File Managers For Android

Best File Managers For Android

What are File Managers For Android?

Users may navigate around their device’s file structure and conduct file and folder operations without a computer because of Android’s comparatively open design. For anyone who uses an Android phone or tablet for productivity, a file manager or file explorer, whatever you want to name it, is a really helpful tool.

The majority of manufacturers include a file manager by default on their Android smartphones and tablets, although it’s frequently a basic program. Thankfully, there are many file managers available on Google Play, albeit not all of them are top-notch. Therefore, we’ve chosen some of the top file managers for Android. But first, let’s briefly discuss file managers and what they are specifically used for before we get started. File Managers For Android are described in this article. On their devices, all Android users amass a sizable amount of files over time, which can easily become unmanageable. With Android file manager apps, you can easily manage your files, free up space on your device, and organize them.

Therefore, the majority of people look for the best file manager for Android that satisfies their needs.

Although file management isn’t the most exciting topic related to smartphone ownership, it is a crucial area to think about if you use your device for productivity.

After all, your phone serves as your mobile connection to the outside world. It is the always-on PC of the current computing era. And sooner or later, you’re going to find yourself fumbling with files on your pocket-sized screen, whether your job requires you to work with presentations, PDFs, papers, or photos.

Dealing with files from your phone doesn’t have to be difficult, though, if you have the correct tools. The good news, then? Android offers a wide range of excellent choices.

Features of File Managers:

What is the 3 importance of file management?

1) Each user needs to access to create, delete, read, write, and modify a file.

2) Each user must have limited to no access to other files.

3) Each user must be able to control what others can do with their files.

List of Top 13 Best File Managers For Android:

We have focused on Android file managers that can manage network and cloud storage in addition to local files. While some are optimized for older, less powerful mobile devices, others are created for mid-range devices. Let’s look at the top file manager for Android mobile devices and tablets.

1. FX File Explorer:

The FX File Explorer is a file manager app with a focus on privacy that claims that it has no adverts, no analytics, and no trackers. It also adheres to the principles of Material Design. The software has a tonne of features, including support for dual-pane view and all of the main file management tools. It also has a text editor, a shell script executor, and support for encryption.

By purchasing the FX+ add-on module, you may gain access to additional features such as support for popular cloud storage providers and network access with support for FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and SMB. Additionally, it will include FX Connect, which enables web access and Wi-Fi Direct file transfers across devices.

When choosing a file manager, it’s important to consider if you’re more of a power user or are looking for something easy. FX File Explorer has a lot going for it, including SMBv2 support, a home screen that you can customize, and a Usage View that displays the size and content breakdown of each folder on your phone.

In addition to allowing you to browse and produce encrypted files in the AES-256 and AES-128 formats, FX also caters to music lovers by enabling you to search for audio content using the standard audio tags like artist, album, and playlist (you can listen to music, watch videos and view photos directly through the app too).

2. Commander of the Ghosts:

One of the top Android file managers available on the Google Play Store is this application. It has an exclusive dual-pane view. You may copy and move files from one panel to the next with ease because of the user interface.

With the completely customizable Ghost Commander management program, you can organize files by name, extension, size, or date. As the finest file manager for Android, it also enables users to change file owner and privileges (in root mode) and create shortcuts for internal storage folders and locations. You can generate, extract, and even read ZIP files without extracting them thanks to its support for the ZIP archive.

3. ES File Explorer File Manager:

All of your files may be managed simply, effectively, and intelligently with the help of ES File Explorer File Manager. With the use of this app, wirelessly sending other applications, music, movies, and documents to other devices is simple. In addition to offering basic copy/paste and compression capabilities, the program also enables you to create encrypted ZIP files if you require more secure files.

Shortcuts to several storage sites are provided in a convenient sidebar for quick access. Along with services like WebDAV and FTP, it also supports cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Additionally, a cache cleaner and a note editor with support for 30 different languages are included. You can access all of your Android files from your desktop thanks to an awesome remote management tool.

4. Astro File Manager:

One of the most potent Android file managers available is called Astro manager. It is quite feature-rich and highly customizable.

containing a tool for batch renaming, support for bookmarking in cloud storage, and even an integrated music player. The Google Play store offers a free download of the Astro file manager as well.

Additionally, it enables you to control, open, and manage every file saved on your phone. This program also allows you to compress and decompress ZIP files, which is fantastic if you want to save up space on your device.

To free up some storage space, you can utilize it to identify duplicate photos or unwanted apps. To maintain the finest organization, folders can also be managed. Additionally, it provides a variety of customization choices that you may utilize to adjust to your tastes. Additionally, it contains a built-in task killer.

It will enable you to end all background-running apps with a single click. This tool even allows you to lock and secure crucial files, making it simple for you to maintain the highest level of security.

5. RS File Manager:

Undoubtedly among the top applications on the list is RS File Manager. This phone’s user interface (UI) is very contemporary and makes using it enjoyable. A fender like this app doesn’t exist, however, there is a small app like this. It has some features and is generally pretty functional. This program works well as a file manager. If you require such capabilities, please take root explorer and this app into consideration. Now everything is fine.

Thea pp includes access to the cloud. The program also allows you to control network storage. Both an analysis tool and an app manager are included in it. This program offers 1128-bit encryption in addition to simple and effective compressed files. You can handle your backup program even if you don’t have your SD card or USB.

6. Total Commander:

You will have total control over the files and folders on your Android device thanks to the Total Commander software. The software offers all the essential tools and features needed for file management and is free of adverts.

A user-friendly text editor, a built-in media player with streaming capabilities, and support for plugins for popular cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive are all features of this program. Additionally, the program includes built-in compatibility for more than 30 different languages.

Installing plugins from the Google Play store will bring more functions. Some plugins allow you to use Total Commander to access your files on FTP and SFTP servers, a PC over LAN, or cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Another plug-in enables file sharing over Wi-Fi from your phone. Total Commander is ad-free and available at no cost.

7. File Commander:

5GB of cloud storage is provided with this file manager without charge. By tapping the button categories on the main screen, you can access your files (Recent Files, Pictures, Music, Videos, Documents, etc.). You can access files on a server through FTP or LAN from this screen, as well as manage your files on servers like Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Through Wi-Fi, you can move your files to an additional computer or mobile device.

Additionally, this file manager can be used to convert data between different file formats. For instance, it can convert a PDF to a JPG. Additionally, it features a built-in media player so you may watch videos or listen to audio files on your phone. Although File Commander comes with advertising, you may pay $29.99 for a year to get them removed. Additionally, the commercial edition offers 50GB of cloud storage and additional features, such as tools for encrypting your files and for attempting to recover deleted files from your phone.

8. Solid Explorer:

Solid Explorer is one of the top apps in its category and a fantastic Android file manager that lives up to its name. Solid Explorer includes standard file management functions as well as paid add-ons for cloud storage integration. Users may easily manage files on services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Yandex, Mega, etc. Additionally, there are paid plugins for Cast, USB OTG (on-the-go), and other features. The app supports several network file sharing protocols, including FTP, SFTP, WebDav, and SMB/CIFS, and also allows users to archive (using ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR, and TAR) and decompress files.

Solid Explorer’s fingerprint and password protection for all files and folders is one of its most prominent features. Solid Explorer organizes files into Downloads, Recent, Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, and Apps just like the majority of file managers do. Additionally, it features a built-in text editor, audio player, and image viewer for convenience, as well as the ability to read system files on rooted devices.

9. File Manager:

A step up from the basic file managers that come pre-installed on Android phones is this highly-rated app. Access to your files is categorized on its home screen into sections like Main Storage, SD Card, Downloads, Images, Audio, Videos, Documents, etc.

To view the list of your files in a category, tap its icon. To access your files on your cloud storage account, tap the Cloud icon (Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive). Through FTP, LAN, or SFTP, you can access files on a server using the Remote icon.

A music player, text editor, and photo viewer are among the many features of this quick program. Pay either $1.99 annually or $7.99 once to get this app’s ad-free version.

10. X-Plore File Manager:

One more of the top Android file manager apps is X-Plore File Manager. Any two folders of your choosing are displayed simultaneously in the dual-pane tree view that is available. This makes it simple to swiftly move things between several locations or copy and paste files between two folders.

Various file formats, cloud storage (including Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega. co, Dropbox, Yandex. disk,, and others), and network storage protocols (including FTP, SMB, DLNA/UPnP) are also supported by the software. The software also has a tonne of features for advanced users, such as support for root access, a built-in hex editor, USB OTG compatibility, and more.

The Disk Map feature in X-Plore also allows you to view the files on your device that take up the most space. Additionally, it includes an app manager that enables you to further explore installed applications as well as view, execute, copy, and share them. Additionally, the program offers access to numerous server settings for FTP and FTPS servers.

11. Root Explorer:

One of the top Android file managers for rooted devices is Root Explorer. It is understandable why power users have long considered it to be a favorite. With a $3.99 price tag, it is also the only paid app on our list. Multiple tabs and cloud integration for Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox are features. Additionally supported are the Text Editor, the SQLite database viewer, the ZIP/ TAR/ GZIP/ RAR extraction, the multi-select, the execute scripts, the remount, the rights, the bookmarks, and more.

Other noteworthy features include image thumbnails, an APK binary XML viewer, file sharing through Bluetooth, email, etc., and more. Additionally, Root Explorer features MD5 hashing, symbolic link generation, the “Open With” feature, shortcut creation, and more. It also allows you to alter a file’s owner or group.

12. Google Documents:

The best file manager for Android is Files by Google, which is a terrific option if you want trustworthy file management advice for your Android smartphone or device.

File search, access, save, move, share, and deletion are among the essential capabilities of the Google file manager. Additionally, files can be transferred via a smartphone device. The finest file organizer for Android provides a secure method for sharing and transferring information thanks to the WPA2 encryption technique.

Users can back up crucial files to an SD card or a cloud storage account if their phone’s internal memory and storage become full.

The user interface is excellent, and Android users can easily manage their phone’s contents and monitor their storage.

13. MK Explorer:

Another straightforward Android file manager with a tonne of features is MK Explorer.It works well if you only require a file browser with the bare minimum of features and don’t want to use up valuable storage or processing power on your device.MK Explorer has several helpful features, including material design, copy, paste, move, keyboard shortcuts, a powerful file search capability, file compression support, and root access.

Data cannot, however, be accessed through network storage or a cloud storage service. Additionally, users can extract ZIP and RAR archives. Along with a text editor and a music player, MK Explorer also offers support for over 20 different languages.


With these outstanding Android file explorer apps, managing and organizing your files and folders is a breeze when traveling.

While others intend to leverage network or cloud storage, some are appropriate for users who save data on an external SD card.

To make it simple for you to organize and manage your files, we’ve put together a list of the top Android file managers and the newest apps. As well as several additional tools, you can use the ES file manager or the MI file manager. This will help you choose the one that is ideal for you.

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