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Top 10 Best Content Writing Tools To Improve Your Writing In 2022

Content Writing Tools

Content Writing Tools

What are Content Writing Tools?

As a writer, you want to captivate your readers. Digital marketing and blogging require high-quality content. Each marketer should write and can write content. Find the ideal writing environment to ask for customer feedback and expand your vocabulary. So, employ different writing tools. You need content writing software tools daily to improve your writing, arrange your pieces, boost the readability score, etc.

You’re responsible for lead generation and outbound funnel content as a marketer. Content is essential for sponsored ads, blog articles, and email marketing. Quality material requires the best tools for authors. Unique, error-free, and SEO-optimized material will attract readers.

Providing this content regularly may be difficult. An ongoing content strategy includes blog entries, guest articles, landing pages, social media posts, and sponsored ads. Checking each post for typos, omissions, and readability can take hours or days.

Every exceptional piece of website content goes through a series of stages, such as:

Features of Content Writing Tools:

List of Top 10 Best Content Writing Tools to Improve Your Writing in 2022:

Let’s explore the top 10 content writing and productivity tools you can use in 2022 to simplify your work, boost your writing, and increase your writing talents.

1. Grammarly:

Grammarly is an excellent tool for error-free writing. It corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This program lets you self-edit and proofreads your work.

It shows word count, reading time, vocabulary, and readability score. The premium version checks for additional writing faults. Missing prepositions and wordy sentences are concerns.

You get a plagiarism checker and human proofreading. In its latest update, it can analyze email tone. It’s a terrific email marketing tool.

2. Surfer:

Surfer is one of the most excellent tools for content planning and strategy because it helps you identify keyword ideas and turn them into high-ranking content.

Surfer will generate tonnes of similar search phrases based on one keyword and divide them into suitable groups to assist you in targeting many search terms in one piece of content. It reveals search intent and volume.

Then, utilize the AI-powered brief tool to create SEO-optimized content briefs quickly.

Surfer’s content editor scores writers’ work and tracks how often relevant search terms are used. You may also alter and optimize site content with Surfer.

Surfer streamlines content planning and optimization. Surfer is an attractive solution for site owners that outsource writing services because it allows you to generate specific briefs for authors and keep consistent quality standards.

3. Rankmath SEO:

Using the Rank Math plugin for WordPress could improve SEO. Free plugin with significant functionality. The key features of Google Search Console and Analytics integration are keyword tracking, 404-page monitoring, intelligent redirection, and internal link recommendations.

This plugin simplifies SEO-optimized content creation. The plugin follows Google’s 200+ rank system and offers writing advice to increase SEO for specific keywords. It tells you if your content is long enough and if you’ve included your keyword in the title or meta description. Also, if keywords are repeated and photos have alt text. It also delivers an SEO score indicating how effectively your blog article is optimized for search engines.

4. Portent:

Portent generates articles, blogs, videos, features, podcasts, and ad text ideas. It’s a creative tool for writers.

Portent generates creative article names. Once you enter a keyword, the results are unique. Sometimes shocking and entertaining.

They offer new ideas, save ideas, resources, and a tutorial. Their resources help refine content for search engines. You may access unique subjects to help you build exciting content and titles.

5. Canva:

Canva has many tools for authors. You can make photos, infographics, and writeups. It’s the most popular free picture editor with many options to add visuals to your material.

There’s a paid pro version. Content writers can use the regular version. You can choose from hundreds of photos and format them by element.

There are many layouts for blogs, brochures, social media, and ebook images. You have social media image templates, structures, and filters.

6. Hemingway Editor:

It’s a great free tool for all writers. It helps you write uniquely, clearly, and robustly. It makes crisp and bold writing. Hemingway editor corrects grammatical errors. It improves your writing by emphasizing passive voice, adverbs, and other flaws. A readability index determines the text’s grade. It simplifies phrases without passive voice and makes the text easy to read.

No registration is required. This utility only requires copy-and-pasting. Your job is done, and this instrument will offer the most significant outcomes on time. Free Hemingway editor. You may buy it for $19.99 to save and export reports and post to Medium or WordPress.

7. Frase:

Frase helps with keyword research, writing, and SEO. AI-powered technology makes the procedure quick and easy, making it suitable for beginners and solopreneurs. Frase lets you quickly produce optimal content briefs. Frase will construct a brief based on the top search results you choose. It gives you information like keywords to target, heading distribution, and more to help you write optimized content quickly. Frase includes many options to speed up writing. Write For Me will complete your sentences and generate new copy from your prose and top-ranking pages.

Automatic paraphrasing and rewriting can improve your work. Frase helps you optimize and evaluate your content, making it a terrific all-in-one alternative.

8., originally, is an AI writing helper that makes it easy to generate a blog and social network articles. Jasper will handle the writing for you if you offer any details.

The Jasper team says the AI engine has studied 10% of all internet content and can develop original, convincing content in a few clicks. It considers content purpose, voice, and more to create magnetic material without a writer.

Jasper is perfect for generating short messages like social media postings. The information still needs human editing, verification, and oversight because it doesn’t always work for your site.

9. MarketMuse:

AI-powered MarketMuse optimizes and plans content. It simplifies and improves content development. MarketMuse is a bit pricey, but it has many great features.

Built-in auditing may measure your domain’s authority and quality to help you prioritize content opportunities. AI-generated content briefs compile all you need to write authoritatively. It’s like a personal content strategist recommending relevant topics and internal/external links.

The real-time text editor grades your work and offers improvement tips. Despite being a competent tool with many capabilities, I wasn’t impressed by the AI-generated content. I expected better considering the price.

10. NeuralText:

NeuralText is a content-creation AI platform. It has features to save time and automate writing so you can work smarter, not harder.

A built-in content optimizer simplifies blog post optimization. Surfer-like. First, you enter a keyword, then run a content brief to examine what’s ranking and develop an outline.

NeuralText checks your writing as you go using the brief/outline. SERP data grades your content and suggests ways to boost your keyword rankings.

If you’re struggling to incorporate a keyword, you can access rival use samples with one click.

NeuralText’s AI-powered writing assistance is most excellent. It can help you write faster by completing phrases and generating text. Select a copy/content type and briefly explain your product. NeuralText generates hundreds of ideas at once.


What are writing tools for content?

How do I pick the correct tool for content writing?

Content authoring tools are plentiful. Consider the following when choosing a content-creation tool:

For what purpose are you writing?

Top tips for online writing:

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