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Auto Dialer Vs. Predictive Dialer: Which Is Right For You And How Do You Choose One?

Auto Dialer Vs. Predictive Dialer

Auto Dialer Vs. Predictive Dialer

Which Dialer Is Right For You And How Do You Choose One? Auto Dialer vs. Predictive Dialer

Service excellence is a process. Before claiming it, you must demonstrate that your call center offers exceptional customer service. You will lose clients if you don’t. That’s how easy it is. In reality, 78 percent of sales chances go to the company that responds first. The first crucial step to providing excellent customer service is ensuring your team is accessible.

A proactive customer care team must choose an auto-dialer or a predictive dialer. To ensure that agents continually interact with clients, you require software that restricts agent idle time and keeps dialing phone numbers.

Do you currently utilize an autodialer or predictive dialer at your company? Do you employ a progressive dialer that continues to make calls while your agents are on the other end of the line? Continue reading if you replied “no” to either of these queries.

Importance of Call Center Efficiency:

Three crucial call center metrics are maximizing client talk time, minimizing missed calls, and decreasing your average time to answer. Unfortunately, calls go unanswered much too frequently, leaving clients waiting helplessly. The consumer becomes irate and hangs up when your team doesn’t answer.

Call centers frequently encounter many abandoned calls due to agent inactivity. This often happens when the call center lacks a method to effectively disperse calls or, worse yet, a way to gauge agent availability.

Unanswered consumer calls impact revenue and customer retention. If you pick up the phone when a customer calls, only 1% of them will reach your rivals, as opposed to 15% if you don’t, and vice versa.

It’s simple to ignore or downplay the significance of a missed call. On the other hand, your clients have different opinions, and they alone determine whether to stay or go. Reduce your number of missed calls because doing so could result in losing up to 15% of your consumer base. After all, your call center staff serves as a significant source of new business prospects and leads.

Why Do You Need A Predictive and Auto Dialer For Your Business?

For organizations, finding fresh, valuable lead is a routine chore. As a result, having the appropriate outbound dialer guarantees that businesses create stronger client interactions. Auto and predictive dialers housed in the cloud are excellent at using customer data to communicate with them.

By dividing the connected calls among the available agents, the auto-dialer efficiently controls the daily workload pressure experienced by call center agents.

While the predictive dialer makes simultaneous calls to several contacts and ensures that operators interact with as many customers as possible. Therefore, sophisticated call center dialers increase the call centers’ total productivity. These dialers let call center agents make more connections over the phone, ultimately creating more sales prospects.

Let’s quickly explain auto and predictive dialers:

Auto Dialer:

An auto dialer is a dialer that automatically dials phone numbers and connects the caller to a contact center agent after the other end of the line plays a recorded message. Agents must upload their list of leads and prospects before the campaign can start. The auto-dialer then starts dialing the numbers in order. If a call is answered, a saved voicemail message may also be deleted.

This is more effective than manually dialing the numbers or leaving voicemails for each missed call. Additionally, a “cool-off” option enables agents to examine the information from the initial call and take notes before starting a new call. Cloud-based auto-dialers give you the freedom to operate from anywhere.

Advantages of an Auto Dialer:

Problems with an Auto Dialer:

Predictive Dialer:

Artificial intelligence (AI) and statistical algorithms operate the predictive dialer. This dialer makes simultaneous calls to several contacts. The method is based on several variables, including the number of calls, answered, calls that went unanswered, the amount of time the agent spent on each contact, and the time it took to answer each call.

A predictive dialer begins dialing numbers based on these variables before the customer service agent hangs up on the call. When an agent is through with one call, they can go on to the next one in the queue.

This guarantees that there is no time wasted and that agents may reach the most significant number of potential clients.

Different predictive dialers interface with various company processes like ERP, CRM, HR, etc., without any issues.

Advantages of an predictive dialer:

Problems with an predictive Dialer:

What do they have in common?

Call center operations can be automated with predictive dialer and auto dialer software. A list of contacts is quickly dialed down by auto dialer software, dividing the calls among available agents and reps. Predictive dialer software makes many calls to each contact to reduce agent idle time.

Identicalities between a predictive dialer and an autodialer:

Let’s now examine some characteristics of an autodialer and a predictive dialer.

Call monitoring:

There might be several calls that your agent requires help with, and there may not be much you can do at this point. How can you eliminate these obstacles and support your agents’ readiness?

You have the choice to keep an eye on an ongoing call with CallHub. This includes listening to a live call for quality assurance and, if necessary, providing assistance to your agent while they are on the phone without the contact’s knowledge.

DNC list filtering:

Any contact which indicates they do not wish to be contacted should be removed from your contact list by TCPA standards. A DNC (Do Not Contact) list is created for these moved-out contacts.

By adding such contacts to a DNC list, CallHub’s auto and predictive dialers assist you in adhering to the DNC filtering policy.

CRM integration:

You can connect your dialers and Customer Relationship Management product with a CRM connector. You may more accurately target your audience and personalize conversations in subsequent campaigns, thanks to the sync between the dialer and your CRM with any change you make to a dialer setting.


Reports on your campaign, calls, and agents are provided in detail by CallHub’s auto and predictive dialer. With these reports and dashboards, campaign managers can analyze call outcomes, agent performance, and any other campaign facet.

You can learn more from CallHub’s calling reports about:

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