About Radical

Radical’s competitors were founded by musicians and computer programmers who assign subjective tags to songs and artists and create complex algorithms to generate song lists. Radical marries the interactive nature of Internet with the programming expertise of the entire broadcast radio industry. Radical was conceived by Thomas McAlevey who is famous for creating Swedish broadcast radio sensation, “Bandit 105.5, the Rock Home of Stockholm” (now “Bandit Rocks”). He brings a wealth of professional radio experience that helps make Radical unique. Similar to Satellite Radio, we have divided our massive library into niche formats like ROCK, POP, and COUNTRY. But at Radical, we go beyond Satellite by allowing users to blend as many Genres as they like, and then assign each a value relative to the others. With thirteen million tracks at our disposal, and a powerful yet user-friendly design, no other service creates an endless stream of songs that so accurately reflects your taste in music.

And our unique, patent pending feature, RadCast™, allows friends to listen to each other’s actual music streams in real time. A group of friends jogging together can sync their Smartphones to one member’s stream, or Lady Gaga can allow millions of fans to tune-in to her personal radio station. Shortly, we will also add a ‘DJ’ button, which allows you (as host) to speak live to your audience (your RadCast friends) via the microphone on your computer or Smartphone.

In addition to our comprehensive free personal radio services, Radical adds full “Play-On-Demand” functionality for our paid Premium tier. Subscribers can create personal Playlists choosing songs from the most comprehensive library in the world. Playlists automatically become available as Genres for use on My Stations, providing you with the ultimate control over your music stream.