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A Guide On How To Figure Out Your Personal Style


Whether or not you care about fashion, personal style may be an effective means of self-expression. Clothing may be utilized to reveal information about ourselves, such as our personality, interests, and mood if we so wish. Of course, not everybody wants their clothes to have such significance, but it is common for people to feel most at ease when their outside appearances mirror their inner selves.

While fashion is a significant component of self-expression, it is also crucial to the development of a fashion brand. You may build your own trademark style like the most renowned fashion designers and businesses.

So, why is personal identity influenced by style? Let’s look at some of the ways you may develop your own unique style. If you’re wondering how to discover your personal style, look no further.

What is personal style?

Your own style should represent your preferences, inventiveness, and way of living. When you create a personal style, you’re creating a one-of-a-kind image and clothing that allows you to express yourself and represent the person you want to be.

It may not only have a huge influence on others’ perceptions of you, but it could also help you advance in the world and discover your people.

Your personal style is a unique mix of fashion categories (such as classic, trendy, and bohemian) that reflects what you do, who you really are, and what you would like.

While several fashion categories may have influenced your style, you will also have one dominating fashion category.

1. Know your body type

Power comes from knowledge. So the first step is to figure out what sort of body you have and what usually works for you. You can buy the proper clothes to either enhance or disguise your body form and strengths and weaknesses if you have a thorough awareness of them. You may determine your type of body and then adhere to the standards for that body type. Once you’ve determined your body type, you could start planning your preferred silhouette and putting together a balanced wardrobe.

2. Create a mood board

Mood boards are an excellent approach to finding visual inspiration for your personal style. You’ll be bursting with ideas by the end, whether you make a real collage with magazine images or a virtual mood board on Pinterest.

You may be able to identify common motifs and finally define your preferred style when you upload photographs of garments, colors, personalities, fashion shows, architecture, art, and anything else that inspires you.

Even if you’re not a fashionista, a mood board with your favorite items may help you choose an aesthetic or dress style that seems like it fits your interests and personality. If you enjoy nature and plants, for example, you could be encouraged to wear earthy tones and textures.

3. Find out your color palette

Making a mood board should hopefully assist you in deciding on the colors you would like to use, but if not, it’s something to think about. It will be easier to purchase clothes that you will actually wear if you know what colors you prefer.

Perhaps you feel most comfortable in neutral tones like black, white, beige, and brown – this is especially true if you have a more traditional fashion sense. Perhaps you prefer pastels such as pale blue and pink, or jewel tones such as emerald green and dark purple. Maybe you don’t want to limit yourself at all and would rather wear any color imaginable!

4. Figure out what makes you confident

It’s one thing to browse at things online and another to actually wear them. It’s critical that you feel at ease with your unique style and that it accurately portrays who you are.

This implies you may need to try on a few things before determining what feels right for you. Experiment with different clothing combos at home or in the changing rooms at stores. Confidence is essential; you should feel at ease in your own skin and not feel obligated to impress others. Read more on how to step out of your fashion comfort zone.

5. Audit your wardrobe

Do your current clothes reflect your taste now that you’ve worked out what you like? We’re not suggesting you toss away your clothing but think about if anything else may serve you better. Is there anything you need to resolve? Could you change the color of something? Could you maybe restyle some of your clothes?

Try getting rid of any goods that you know you’ll never wear since they don’t fit or aren’t to your liking. This will assist you in decluttering your clothes and maintaining your personal style.

Organize a clothing swap, contact your local charity to see if they accept contributions, or sell your old things online.

6. Put into practice

So now you know what styles you enjoy and have a wardrobe that reflects your personal style. Start experimenting with your own variations of these clothing ideas.

You should take elements from your fashion inspiration and make them your own, rather than exactly replicating the ensembles. This may mean keeping the primary costume elements the same but layering them differently, or changing the dimensions of the style to better match your body type.

7. Capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a set of essentials that you may mix and match to create a series of outfits. A classic black dress, a denim jacket, simple T-shirts, as well as a leather tote are all neutral-colored things that go with everything.

Some of these items may already be in your closet: Keep the ones that bring you joy, and substitute everything with tried-and-true essentials. These basic pieces can let you show showcase your individual style by serving as a groundwork for more intriguing pieces.

8. Experiment yourself

There’s no need to limit yourself to one style. You may even switch up your look on a daily basis if you wish! It’s fine to wear grunge from the 1990s one day and professional attire the next. Although we’ve provided tips for developing a personal style, you don’t have to adhere to any specific guidelines as long as you’re happy, relaxed, confident, and truly yourself.

Final Thoughts

The style must be an asset that boosts your self-esteem, helps you stand out, and lets the world know who you are.

It might seem like much to expect of your clothing, but once you begin to take charge of your unique style, you’ll see the magic that follows.

Now go forth and discover power through style. And, you will know how a change of style can change your life.

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