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7 Things you Wish You Knew That Could Affect The Cost of Moving

Cost of Moving

Moving can be a stressful and pricey experience and Sydney, Australia is no different. If you’re considering relocating, one of the first questions you’ll have is how much it will cost.

Even with a raging pandemic, statistics show that local and even interstate moves have been increasing over time.

Whether you’re buying, selling, leasing, or simply browsing, Sydney prices will have a significant impact on your final decision.

However, determining how much it costs to move to Sydney is not as straightforward as you might assume — it may be a few hundred dollars or thousands of dollars. There are numerous elements that can influence the overall cost.

So, if you’re absolutely unsure of what to expect, here’s a breakdown of What moving factors could affect the cost but you may not have considered.

Unforeseen Factors Influencing the Price

Because there are so many variables when moving, such as time of the week, toll roads, and limited parking in the inner city (unless you’re moving to the suburbs), obtaining an accurate quote for a local move in Sydney is more difficult than you might expect.

If you have a pet, then you might want to consider enlisting somebody to help you look after your pet during the move. If you cannot find somebody, however, then you may need to consider paying for a professional Which may be another cost.

To speed up your move, many removalists will also help to pack and unpack your belongings.

This is why, if you’re trying to save money, understanding what factors may affect your price is even more critical so you don’t overcharge.

Consider the size of objects you are transporting

Bulky items that must be brought upstairs or downstairs may incur additional charges, and larger or heavier items will, of course, cost more as you may need more professional assistance.

Items such as boilers, pianos, washing machines, large sofas, or refrigerators will almost certainly fall into this category.

This is to avoid damage and for safe transportation to your new relocation.

When obtaining a quote, make sure you provide as many details about your items as possible to get an accurate quote.

Consider whether it’s necessary to relocate everything?

In general, the volume of items you transport affects your moving price, so if you are considering moving absolutely everything, this can significantly impact your removal fee.

Old clothes, books, DVDs, and other minor items can quickly mount up in weight and perhaps should be sold.

The same can be said for any old furniture you may not need or is past its sell-by date.

Choose a Reputable Moving Company

This is one of the most crucial elements to consider.

Consider hiring local movers to handle your pick-up and drop-off locations. This will save you time and money by decreasing the time they spend stuck in traffic, which you pay for by the hour.

Sydney is littered with many reputable removalists and they will work with you to ensure a smooth move. When looking for a reputable moving company, however, always pay attention to their reviews and how reputable they are.

You may also want to do a little bit of shopping around in order to find a competitive quote. This article can help you decide on a removalist company.

Relocation fees in Australia can range from $75 to $300 per hour, however, with factors such as penalty time, this may quickly add up, so making the overall operation as simple as possible is the key to keeping expenses down.

Keep in mind that your moving time includes both driving to and from your new location, as well as loading and unloading your items.



When moving homes, you are going to want to also consider what day of the week you want to move.

For example, if you move during the week you are more likely to be stuck in traffic especially if you move during difficult times such as rush hour and traffic jams.

The best times to move would be the weekends and early in the morning if possible, as you are less likely to run into issues such as traffic during your move.

In conjunction with this, many removalists are also available during weekends to assist you.

House Size

Other factors if you are considering using a professional removalist are the overall size and number of household goods you wish to transport.

Relocation costs are frequently dictated by the size of the home. Moving to a four-bedroom house, for example, is more expensive than moving to a studio apartment. The table below provides an approximation of Sydney relocation costs.


Consider Whether You Need Additional Moving Services

If you find that you need more packing materials such as boxes, padding, and bubble wrap, these items may or may not be included in your Sydney moving expenses.

Many removalists do usually include a comprehensive packing service which does include free boxes, so it pays to do your research on which removalists might offer this.

How to Reduce Moving Costs

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