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5 Apps That Replaced Modern Devices

Replaced Modern Devices

Technological revolution in the last 20 years has made a giant leap. We don’t need to ask what modern smartphones can do? Instead, we need to keep track of how readily smartphones have replaced not only computers but many other hardware devices. If you’re curious, keep reading.

The ubiquitous smartphones have brought the world to a child’s palm. No other technological advancement has ever seen such massive leaps as smartphones in the last couple of decades. The once most important devices have become mere things replaced by smartphones.

Have you ever thought about which things have been replaced by your smartphones? Probably not. For instance, the scanner app turns your phone into an office instantly. Did you ever imagine that you will be able to produce scanned copies without heavy scanner machines!

In this article we will look at five Applications your cellphone has already replaced, and which were legendary even a few years ago.

1. Digital Wellbeing App

With the rise of technology, it becomes increasingly difficult to unplug and focus on what is important; our health and wellbeing. We end up sitting on work desks working for hours without noticing. In this scenario, Digital well-being apps allow us to monitor our tech habits and reduce the stress on our bodies.

Many apps provide us with options to set reminders for breaks, screen time-out, screen monitoring, etc. to help us keep us focused on work and remain healthy at the same time.

You no more need an oximeter, or blood pressure machines to keep track of your vitals. Many phones have built-in options to monitor our heart rate, oxygen, and hydration levels to maintain our vitals. And remind us when to slow down. The smartphones even count our steps while lying in our pockets. It gathers the data and helps us achieve our health goals.

The smartphones are also an efficient way to connect with a community and compare our triumphs, goals, and achievements with our peers through online competitions and challenges.

2. Music Player / Radio / Recorders

This one is of the most transcendental value. A decade or two ago people proudly showed off their iPods or saved money to buy one.

Remember those days when you used to wait for hours to listen to your favorite songs on the radio? The excruciating wait for that one song and you ended up unsatisfied because you missed the beginning or ending because your mom called you, and you couldn’t possibly pause it? Or did you spend hours recording, and ended up with an empty tape because the reel was finished?

Well, not anymore. With your smartphone, you can listen to your favorite music on the loop, 24/7, rewind, pause, record, play at slow speed, mix it with other favorite songs, and whatnot!

Smartphones have made all of this possible for an average person and the fun part is you don’t need to be a geek to perform these tasks. It is astonishing how the mobile phone replaced the television and the radio with the advancement of the internet. You don’t even need to download songs or your favorite programs anymore. You can simply stream movies, seasons, and music from many cloud platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify, Netflix, and HBO in a few seconds.

3. Scanners 

One of the most useful apps is the scanner app which helps us scan documents anywhere, anytime. No need to be stuck with heavy devices and rely on electricity nor do you need to stuff your bag with piles of papers anymore.

In this regard, the scanner app iPhone scans the pages in high quality. It also adjusts its lighting, and image size, and provides multiple sharing options. It converts your documents into PDF, JPEG, or TXT formats instantly. The Scanner App comes with Free Trial as well as a free download option.

The scanner app also provides OCR technology; which means it can easily recognize text in image form and convert it into electronic data.

With the Scanner app, you can email your medical reports to your doctors, upload old photographs to a social media platform, or send a significant document scan to your boss right from wherever you are.

4. Digital Payment Apps

In the wake of COVID, contactless payment saw a boon. With the pandemic on the rise, smartphone’s digital payment options played a crucial role, especially in E-commerce. People easily did their purchasing without the fear of contracting the virus infection. Contactless payment or digital payment became as important as wearing face masks.

Digital Payment apps allow users to pay for commodities by using mobile wallets or digital money. You no longer need to carry cash or several cards in your pocket. Digital payment apps keep your financial information and data recorded on the app and you can pay with just a tap on your mobile.

The smartphones are also used to scan the QR codes. You can scan the QR code given at your favorite store, and easily shop for what you need.

5. Maps and Navigators

Smartphones have not only advanced the entertainment industry. GPS technology is widely used in smartphones. It has brought on a new magnitude of ease on so many levels for a common man.

Nowadays, we use GPS on a day-to-day basis. You can easily order your favorite food from your favorite joints. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home. The restaurants ask for your location and deliver hot steaming food in due time at your doorstep.

You no longer need to be apprehensive about visiting a new place. You can familiarize yourself with the area on Google Maps or on Waze before visiting it physically. The maps display the virtual world and take you to streets and even houses on the blocks easily. You can explore your favorite destinations while sitting at your home.

Make it Rain with Smartphones 

This is not the end of smartphones. This is the embryonic stage of this amazing technology which has made our lives so much easier, conscious, and balanced. Now only time will bear witness to what it will bring about in the future. We don’t know what devices will be replaced in the next 5, 10, or 15 years. It is so interesting to watch technology unfold and reveal a surprising and more secure future.

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