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4 Myths About MVHR Systems that Need to Be Dispelled Right Away

MVHR Systems

MVHR systems have been around for a good while now, and they are increasingly common in homes around the country. However, so many people are completely misinformed about them. But everyone should know about MVHR systems since they have so many benefits not only for homeowners but for the environment as well. And they could be extremely beneficial to the members of your household too, depending on their age and condition. Here are some of the persisting myths about MVHR systems that need to be dispelled right away.

Only People with New, Perfectly Airtight Homes Can Use them

This is not entirely true. While it is true that your home will need to meet certain airtightness thresholds and have the architecture necessary to handle the heavy ductwork that comes with full MVHR systems, there are plenty of options for people who have less-than-optimal setups for these types of systems.

You can now find a variety of single-room MVHR units and install them in the rooms you use the most or those that use the most heating and air conditioning. You could install a single-room heat recovery unit in a nursery, master bedroom, or basement, for instance. This would allow you to enjoy the benefits of heat recovery ventilation without a complex installation.

MVHR Systems Cost a Lot to Run

This misconception is completely false. The biggest expense when it comes to MVHR systems is the central unit and the installation. After that, you can expect to make savings right away. MVHR systems require little to no energy, and it wouldn’t make sense to make units to be energy hungry when much of the marketing focuses on energy savings. So, don’t expect that running your MVHR unit will cost more than the savings you stand to make.

Heat Recovery and Distribution Are the Same

Some people are under the impression that MVHR units can be used to distribute hot air from a wood stove to rooms inside the house, but we’re talking about a completely different type of system here. If you want heat distribution, there’s a chance that the MVHR contractor can help you with that, but don’t expect these two technologies to be the same.

You Cannot Open Windows When Using These Systems

While it is true that opening the windows when using air conditioning or heating will use more energy, that isn’t how things work with an MVHR system. MVHR systems do not have to actively use energy to cool down or heat a room. MVHR systems cool and heat the air passively without the need for cooling or heating elements. So, you are completely free to open your windows when using your system, but make sure that you turn down your AC and heating first.

MVHR units have tons of things to offer, and it would be a shame to let myths and hearsay stop you from trying them. So, learn about these systems from as many reliable sources as possible before you form an opinion on them.

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