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11 Best Rufus Alternatives for Windows, Mac, and Linux 2021

11 Best Rufus Alternatives for Windows, Mac, and Linux 2021

What if you have to work on a system that does not have an operating system?

Or maybe work on a system with a temporary installation of an OS?

Well, you need to create a bootable USB installation media from one of the ISOs, such as Windows, Linux, etc.This is when alternatives to Rufus come into play.

What is Rufus?

Rufus is an open-source software tool that allows you to generate and format bootable USB drives on your Windows PC. It works with both Windows ISO files and Linux distributions. It’s a little device that operates quite quickly.

However, because Rufus is only available for Windows, you’ll need to hunt for Rufus replacements for Mac, Linux, and other operating systems. Let’s take a look at the top ten Rufus substitutes.

Here Are 11 Best Rufus Alternatives for Windows, Mac, and Linux:

1. Etcher (Windows, Mac, Linux; Free)

Etcher is a full-featured, cross-platform, open-source tool that, due to its availability on all major platforms, stands to be a great or even better Rufus alternative.

Features of Etcher

Etcher Pricing

It is free, just like Rufus.

2. UNetbootin (Linux, Free)

UNetbootin is another free Rufus alternative on the market. It’s small and simple, and it lets you make bootable live USBs for Ubuntu and other Linux distributions on all major platforms.

Features of UNetbootin

UNetbootin Pricing

It is also free, like Rufus and Etcher.

3. UUByte ISO Editor (Windows & Mac, Paid)

UUByte ISO Editor is an alternative to Rufus for working with ISO image files. It can produce a bootable USB immediately from a Windows 10 ISO file with UEFI support. If you want to create a bootable USB for Windows on macOS, UUByte ISO Editor is the only tool that supports the current Windows 10 ISO, making it a viable alternative to Rufus.

Features of UUByte ISO Editor

UUByte ISO Editor Pricing

Extract, Create, Copy and Editor features in UUByte ISO Editor are free. You have to purchase a license key in order to use the Burn feature for creating a bootable USB starting at $29.95.

4. PowerISO (Windows, Paid)

If you’re looking for a Windows alternative to Rufus, PowerISO is a good choice. The utility tool can build bootable USB devices for Windows and convert image formats to ISO, virtual drives, mounting discs, and other formats.

Features of PowerISO

PowerISO Pricing

You can buy the PowerISO v7.8 at $29.95 with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the purchase.

5. Universal USB Installer (Windows & Linux; Free)

If you’re looking for a Rufus alternative for Linux, Universal USB Installer is a great option. The software is a live Linux bootable drive builder that lets you select from a variety of Linux distributions to put on a flash drive. In terms of platform capability and performance, it is similar to Rufus, however the former is faster.

Features of Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer Pricing

It is for free to use for everyone.

6. Media Creation Tool (Windows, Free)

Are you seeking for a USB stick that will download the most recent version of Windows 10? One of the alternatives to Rufus is Media Creation Tool, which was created by Microsoft specifically for installing Windows 10 on PCs.

Features of Media Creation Tool

Media Creation Tool Pricing

You can easily install and use Media Creation Tool for free.

7. WoeUSB (Linux, Free)

WoeUSB is an excellent Rufus alternative for creating Windows USB bootable discs on Linux. Microsoft Windows USB Installer for GNU+ Linux is the tool’s name.

Features of WoeUSB

WoeUSB Pricing

It is available for free.

8. Windows 7 USB Tool (Windows, Free)

Windows 7 USB Tool is a Microsoft Windows alternative to Rufus that allows you to create bootable live Windows USB sticks for Windows 7, 8, and XP. It’s small, quick, and easy to use.

Features of Windows 7 USB Tool

Windows 7 USB Tool Pricing

It is another free Rufus alternative exclusively for Windows.

9. TransMac (Mac, Paid)

If you’re looking for a Rufus Mac replacement, TransMac allows you to construct a bootable macOS installation on a Windows PC. The macOS DMG file must be downloaded and imported into the TransMac application programme. Insert the drive after it has been imported. It will be formatted in the APFS file format by TransMac.

Features of TransMac

TransMac Pricing

You will have to buy the TransMac license key for continued use. Buy it at $59.00 only.

10. Win32 Disk Imager (Windows & Linux, Free)

Win32 Disk Imager is one of the best Rufus alternatives. The programme is one of the first for flashing low-level utility operating systems like Raspbian onto SD cards and USB storage. All you have to do now is provide the source image, choose the stick you want to flash, and click Write.

Features of Win32 Disk Imager

Win32 Disk Imager Pricing

Download Win32 Disk Imager here for free.

11. Diskmaker X (Mac, Free)

Diskmaker X, a popular Rufus alternative for Mac, allows you to create bootable USBs for Mac images with ease. In conclusion, Diskmaker X is your best option if you want an easy approach to create a bootable OS X installer. When the application is launched, it looks for the OS X system. Spotlight can be used to install the software. It then sets out to create a bootable installation CD.

Features of Diskmaker X

Diskmaker X Pricing

It is completely free to use. Diskmaker X 9.0 is available for download here.

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